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Teaching English Project (Cordoba)

Volunteer in Teaching English Argentina

The children from underprivileged families often attend schools that aren't well-funded. These schools lack well-trained teachers and the children often find it difficult to improve, especially their English. Our volunteers will help change this by assisting local teachers or teaching the students on their own. Volunteers will teach conversational English from the official curriculum, and be encouraged to hold debates and discussions. This will make the children learn quickly and ensure they will become confident individuals capable of believing in themselves.

What difference is this project making?

When young Argentineans have good English they can enroll in a better higher education institution, get better paying jobs and more work opportunities, especially in tourism and hospitality industries. But in schools where our volunteer projects are located, the children often find it very hard to improve their English. This is because English isn't the first language of the local teachers, and it is not even spoken in class while being taught. With our volunteers, they will be able to hold debates and discussions which will help them to comprehend the language better. Volunteers will also encourage them to speak English regularly in the classroom to improve their grammar and vocabulary skills.

Highlights of the program

The classes take place Monday-Friday. You will assist the local teachers in developing conversation and grammatical English skills. Volunteers are encouraged to use a number of methods to aid in the teaching of English including, but not limited to, flashcards, singing songs, etc. You are also encouraged to hold debates and discussions, as this can increase their ability to comprehend English better. You can also participate or organize extra-curricular activities like games and plays. During your free time, you can visit countless attractions Argentina has to offer.

Project location

With 1.4 million visitors, Cordoba is Argentina's second city. The city is nestled in a valley and is surrounded by high mountains. The city averages about 24 degrees Celsius in the summer and 11 degrees Celsius in the winter. Cordoba is known for its streets, promenades and buildings that are a mixture of colonial and modern architecture. There are also plenty of parks, restaurants, and museums to visit.

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