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Teaching Math, Science and Physical Education (San Jose, Puntarenas, Guanacaste)

volunteer in teaching math science and physical education in San Jose, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
  • Teach the youth of Costa Rica
  • Gain teaching experience in a local schools to shape the futures of the students
  • Live with a local family and explore day-to-day Costa Rican life
  • Connect with nature’s best in Costa Rica in your downtime

Do you have a passion in teaching? Are you looking for a practical teaching experience? This is a fantastic opportunity for you to teach a variety of subjects to students of all ages! As a volunteer in Costa Rica, you’ll be able to teach subjects such as Mathematics, Science and Physical Education, and aid in improving educational opportunities for the local children. Rural schools especially lack the necessary resources to provide education for their students, and they are always appreciative of volunteers to help out in the classroom. You’ll play a part in providing quality education to Costa Ricans, and in turn, pave the way to a brighter future ahead. When you’re not motivating the students, you’ll be able to explore the gorgeous country of Costa Rica!

Volunteers’ Responsibilities

As a volunteer in the project, you will be assisting with classes at the kindergarten, elementary school or high school. Depending on your individual interests and skills, and on the needs of the local staff, your daily activities involve, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching Math, Science and Physical Education
  • Teaching other subjects such as English and Health
  • Work with teachers and use creativity to plan educational, interactive activities such as quizzes, experiments, field trips, crafts, etc.
  • Playing with the children
  • Organizing extracurricular activities such as music, dancing, sports, art, games, etc.
  • Teaching life skills such as painting, sewing, cooking, etc
  • Promoting nutrition and health
  • Helping to raise funds for schools
  • Working with local teachers on curriculum development
  • Assisting school administrations with daily tasks
  • Helping with basic maintenance of schools
  • Aiding local school staff in any way possible
How You Can Make a Difference

Many schools in Costa Rica lack qualified teachers and educational resources to give their students the best education possible. By volunteering in Costa Rica, you will be helping children from rural schools a well-rounded education that their more affluent friends are getting. This is a terrific opportunity for you to gain practical teaching experience in a different environment. Not only will you be giving the students quality education, you’ll also be working with the local staff on improving lesson plans and facilities to better teach the students.

Skills and Qualifications

There are no specific qualifications needed to join the project beyond a fluency in English and a basic/intermediate fluency in Spanish. If you cannot speak Spanish, we recommend enrolling in our Spanish language program. Volunteers should also be enthusiastic, reliable, flexible, patient and have a passion for teaching and caring for the students. Volunteers must also respect the locals and the host organizations, along with their rules and projects.

Project Location

The project is located in San Jose, Puntarenas, Guanacaste. Puntarenas is a port city and a major tourist area in Costa Rica. It boasts a coastline full of unspoiled islands, pristine beaches, and beautiful natural landscapes. At the peninsula, stunning natural beach areas such as Tambor, Santa Teresa and Montezuma can be found. This area also hosts the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve, San Lucan, Chira, Tortuga and Coco Islands. The Monteverde area, located north of Puntarenas, has both national and international significance because of its conservation efforts and the laidback lifestyles which revolve around nature. The primary attraction is the Monteverde Biological Reserve, although there are many other attractions such as mesmerizing nature sites, picturesque trails, hanging bridges, as well as butterfly and frog exhibits.

San Jose is not only the capital city of Costa Rica but also the diversified cultural core of this magnificent country. In addition to fine dine restaurants and classic taverns, dozens of historic monuments, Spanish colonial architecture and interesting museums add to the euphoric ambience of San Jose.


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