Srilanka Teaching Do the teachings of Buddhism fascinate you?

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to immerse in cultures and rituals of Buddhism! Volunteer in Sri Lanka to teach friendly monks who are eager to learn! Teaching is rewarding, but teaching young monks is even more gratifying.

Not only will you be helping the monks, you’ll be able to learn about the Buddhist culture and rituals in Nepal.

For the young monks, English learning is not in their official curriculum as they learn only in their native language. However, with the increased interaction between monks and people from all around the world, knowledge of English is crucial in order to properly articulate the finer points of what they have learnt as Buddhist monks.

Volunteers will teach in a Pirivena, or a monastic college, which are centers in Sri Lanka. New Hope partners up with a Pirivena in order to assist with the development and educational enrichment of Sri Lankan monks. Teach English to monks, and embark on a journey of enlightenment !

Volunteers’ Responsibilities

By volunteering in Sri Lanka, you will be working in the Pirivena where you will teach English to monks and nuns ranging from 8-21 years of age. Depending on your individual interests and skills, and on the needs of the local staff, your daily activities involve, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching English to the young monks
  • Helping students to improve their Basic English and conversational skills
  • Supporting recreational and artistic activities focused on educational learning
  • Organizing and developing activities that encourage learning
  • Converse about the culture back home and ask about their childhood and life as a monk
  • Assist with administration
  • Organize games, drawing, singing, dancing and other creative educational and extra-curricular activities

How You Can Make a Difference

The Buddhist monks need teachers who are fluent to teach them English, so that they can better able communicate their teachings in the future.Teaching English to Buddhist monks is a terrific opportunity for volunteers interested in Buddhism.

In the monasteries, you will have plenty of occasions to take part in meditation, rituals, prayers, and songs with the Buddhist monks.You’ll enjoy the work as the monks are very well behave and extremely eager to learn from international volunteer.

Many past volunteers have commented that this particular project is one of the most memorable, engaging and mind-opening experiences they have had in their lives.

Skills and Qualifications

There are no specific qualifications needed to join our Buddhist monks project in Sri Lanka beyond a fluency in English. However, your understanding of the Sri Lankan culture and language can help improve the experience for you and the monks.

Consider enrolling in our one-week Language & Cultural Immersion program. Volunteer teachers should have strong English fluency, both written and verbal, although no previous teaching experience is required. Volunteers should have a love for teaching, English and conversation.

Volunteers should also be enthusiastic, reliable, flexible, patient and strive to be good role models for the students. It is extremely important to note that monks are highly respected figures and follow strict and exemplary life rules. Only volunteers with serious discipline can join this project.

Project Location

This location program is located in Galle, approximately 120km from Colombo. It is a small and beautiful town, and one of the most popular tourist spots in Sri Lanka.

Galle boasts a pristine, beautiful coastline and diverse landscapes including beaches, marshlands, dry plains and hills.

There are many prominent landmarks in Galle that stands as an ideal example of a fortified city built by the Europeans in South and Southeast Asia.

The lasting architectural style is a unique fusion of European buildings with South Asian traditions. The Galle Fort is a world heritage site and remains the largest fortress in Asia built by Europeans.

Free time allows volunteers to explore beautiful beaches or visit various Buddhist and Hindu temples as well as mosques, churches, parks, zoos, national parks, museums and art galleries.

Many beautiful communities on the north side of Galle provide a chance to explore Sri Lankan village life. Volunteers will have access to internet cafés and other traveler amenities in Galle and many restaurants in Galle serve western-style foods.