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Language and Cultural Program - Nepal

New Hope Volunteers’ language program in Nepal gives volunteers a wonderful opportunity to learn and immersion in Nepalese culture and lifestyle before beginning your volunteer work. The program will introduce Nepal to you through our orientation program, teach you local language so that you can communicate with the locals effectively while volunteering, take you to sightseeing tours in Kathmandu Valley, make you venture to rural Nepal for a village stay, enjoy local food, learn to cook, hike the surrounding villages and temples to capture the essence of real Nepal, and the program culminates finally with a thrilling white water rafting on route to Chitwan, where you’ll stay inside famous Chitwan National Park and do many activities – like ride on the back of the elephant, go on village tours and witness indigenous Tharu dance. Volunteers completing the 2 week programs are then full of confidence and ready to work in our grassroots community projects.

Program Schedule

Week First (Orientation, language training and Kathmandu Valley sightseeing

Day Activities
Day 1: Arrival, pickup and transfer to New Hope hostel
Day 2: Start with Orientation program – where all things Nepal will be discussed and familiarized
Day 3: Nepalese language class starts – the class will be conducted in an interactive and fun way
Day 4: Sightseeing tour of the Valley – visit religious and culturally significant places inside Kathmandu Valley. These sights are listed in World Heritage sight
Day 5-6: Nepalese language class will continue
Day 7: Closing of Nepalese language class.

Week Second (village stay, rafting and Chitwan National Park

Day Activities
Day 1: Travel to a rural Nepalese village on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley. There, the air is much cleaner and life very agrarian. You’ll be welcomed by village stay coordinator and a small hike to neighboring village will be conducted in the evening.
Day 2: Wakeup to birds chirping and enjoy Nepalese lunch (which is served around 11 am), after lunch hike to Lakure Bhanjyang, from where you can see spectacular views of Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayas, weather permitting.
Day 3: Spend your morning spend visiting neighboring Hindu temple and witness the rituals. After lunch, you’ll go to other neighboring villages to glimpse Nepalese way of life and learn about cultural practices. In the evening, local villagers will perform a dance for you. Feel free to dance and learn from them.
Day 4: You’ll return back to hostel in Kathmandu and prepare for your rafting and Chitwan National Park trip
Day 5: On the way to Chitwan, you’ll get off the highway and jump on the boat for a thrill of your lifetime. All the safety gears (e.g. helmets, life jackets) will be provided. After more than an hour of ride, jump in a bus and arrive at a lodge in Chitwan National Park
Day 6: Ride on the back of an elephant and visit the forest of Chitwan in search of magnificent Bengal Tiger, rhinos, dear and other fascinating wildlife. In the evening, you’ll watch Tharu dance
Day 7: Morning will be spent with a village walk around Tharu village. After lunch, you’ll leave the lodge and travel to your respective projects.

This is a tentative schedule and subject to change depending on field conditions

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