Cambodia Teaching Like everywhere else in the world, the English language has become very important to learn in Cambodia. Knowing the language could open so many avenues for young children, including coveted seats in universities and job opportunities in tourism and other fields.

For most of the young children in rural Cambodia though, it is a struggle to learn the language. State, community schools, and orphanages receive very little government funding, and English lessons are considered a luxury.

Skilled teachers are scarce; hence children are rarely able to have an encouraging environment in which to progress in the English language. As a volunteer in the Teaching English program, you will aid in improving this situation by teaching conversational English, as well as from the course book.

Teach English in Cambodia to well-behaved students who are eager to learn from international volunteers, while exploring the laidback city of Cambodia.

Volunteers’ Responsibilities

Volunteers teaching English in Cambodia will work primarily as English-teachers/instructors either in public and/or private schools. Depending on your individual interests and skills, and on the needs of the local staff, your daily activities involve, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching English in public schools, orphanages or universities
  • Assisting with creative and extracurricular activities (i.e. games, drawing, singing, dancing, etc.)
  • Organizing educational tours and field trips
  • Helping the students with homework and supporting their academic progress
  • Assisting in other school-related activities or programs
  • Holding debates and discussions to improve on conversational skills
  • Fundraising for educational programs
  • Assisting with local curriculum development
  • Maintaining the schools

How You Can Make a Difference

There is a high demand for the English language in Cambodia, because fluency in the language relates to educational and employment success. However, schools often lack well-qualified English teachers, and as a result many children are deprived of the essential English skills.

By volunteering in Cambodia, you’ll be helping these schools to teach the language to the children. The children will be excited to learn the language from an international volunteer, and the schools will be able to benefit from your help and teaching methods as well.

Skills and Qualifications

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. No teaching experience is required to teach English in Vietnam. However, volunteers must be fluent English speakers. Native English speaking is a plus, but not a prerequisite.

You should have a passion to teach and aspire to help your students. Volunteers should be good role models, flexible, patient, caring, creative, responsible and open-minded. Volunteers must also respect the locals and the host organizations, along with their rules and projects.

Project Location

This project is located in Phnom Penh, Battambang and Pursat.

Chaotic yet charismatic, Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia. Amid the apparent poverty and depravity of the people, lies a historical treasure trove worth exploring.

For an eye-opening experience, visit The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21 Prison) and The Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, relics of the plight and the suffering of the people under the hand of the Khmer Rouge. The magnificent Royal Palace, The National Museum of Cambodia and Wat Phnom are less-disheartening visits.

Amidst the chaos, lies a laidback culture. Volunteers can take a pleasant stroll along the park-like riverfront, where plenty of cafes and restaurants are located - idyllic settings for you to kick back, relax and absorb the local culture.

Battambang is the second largest town in Cambodia and a popular tourist destination. It is home to many nearby ancient temples, Buddhist shrines and the bamboo railway. Located next to the river, it is home to some of the best-preserved French colonial architecture in the country.

Most of the colonial buildings can be found along the waterfront, and famous Art Deco buildings include the Central Market, the swimming pool Victory and the train station.

The people are also charmingly friendly, making this town a lovely place to retreat to. The city is developing fast, but the hilltop temples and scenic villages can still be visited on leisurely daytrips.

Pursat is a beautiful city well-known amongst travelers for its adept marble carvers and oranges. Nearby, the waterfall and floating village of Kompong Luong is an attraction. Pursat also offers perfect access to the Tonle Sap Lake and the massive Cardamom Mountains, a magnificent ecological wonder.