volunteer in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Look no further if you're looking for a meaningful volunteer experience in one of the most captivating and greenest countries in the world! Volunteer in Costa Rica, and have the opportunity to experience the bewildering abundance of the biodiversity while contributing to society.

Be part of one of the greenest project in our program arsenal! Costa Rica lays claim to being one of the most verdant countries in the world. A true tropical paradise, the nation celebrates mystifyingly diverse cultures, climates, landscapes, and flora and fauna. Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country as its trade and commerce industry grows every day. The lives of people are becoming significantly better day by day, but there are still those who struggle to get by. New Hope is working with local organizations to help these deprived communities catch up with development. You get to be a part of this and improve the lives of the people, while enjoying the stunning beauty of its nature. Love nature? Eco-tourism is significant in Costa Rica, but there are environmental concerns that need addressing. Contact us now and get involved in the health and beauty of the ecosystem in years to come.

Program Fee - costa rica

  • World’s Most Affordable fees guaranteed, pay as low as USD$100 per week
  • Program fees go directly to the projects and host familiesw
  • Save thousands of dollars while volunteering abroad
Volunteer abroad Costa Rica

New Hope Volunteer programs begin each Monday of the month. If needed, we can arrange for your program to start at any day.

In recent years, volunteering has become more of a business than charity. Many organizations in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand run volunteering programs solely for profit. But this is not the case with New Hope Volunteers. Our aim is to offer World's Most Affordable volunteer program (without compromising the quality) so that all volunteers, irrespective of their income level, can volunteer to serve humanity and enrich their life. In our program, except our registration fee of $269,which we need to advertise, cover office expense and pay salary, volunteers pay their money directly to the host family and project (or country coordinator). This ensures that 100% of your money goes for you.

In addition to our registration fee of $269, here you find the world's most affordable weekly program fee.

Puntarenas and Guanacaste Fee
Volunteer Period 1 Week 2 Wks 3 Wks 4 Wks 5 Wks 6 Wks 7 Wks 8 Wks 9Wks 10Wks 11Wks 12 Wks
Children, English Teaching $275 $450 $625 $800 $1,000 $1,175 $1,350 $1,525 $1,725 $1,900 $2,075 $2,250
Physical Therapy & Sport Medicine N/A N/A N/A $825 $1,000 $1,175 $1,350 $1,550 $1,725 $1,900 $2,075 $2,250
Monkey & Wildlife Conservation $125 $250 $375 $500 $625 $750 $875 $1,000 $1,125 $1,250 $1,375 $1,500
San Jose Fee
Volunteer Period 1 Week 2 Wks 3 Wks 4 Wks 5 Wks 6 Wks 7 Wks 8 Wks 9Wks 10Wks 11Wks 12 Wks
Children, teaching $370 $645 $920 $1,130 $1,315 $1,500 $1,685 $1,870 $2,055 $2,240 $2,425 $2,610
Medical, Conservation, and Construction $435 $710 $985 $1,195 $1,380 $1,565 $1,750 $1,935 $2,120 $2,305 $2,490 $2,675
Fee of turtle conservation program
Volunteer Period 1Week 2Wks 3Wks 4 Wks 5 Wks 6 Wks 7 Wks 8 Wks 9Wks 10Wks 11Wks 12Wks
Olive Ridley(Osa Peninsula Turtle Project) $525 $910 $1,295 $1,680 $2,065 $2,450 $2,835 $3,220 $3,605 $3,990 $4,375 $4,760
Black turtle(Osa Peninsula Turtle Project) $560 $980 $1,400 $1,820 $2,240 $2,660 $3,080 $3,500 $3,920 $4,340 $4,760 $5,180
Hawkbill (Osa Peninsula Turtle Project) $595 $1,050 $1,505 $1,960 $2,415 $2,870 $3,325 $3,780 $4,235 $4,690 $5,145 $5,600
Leatherback (Osa Peninsula Turtle Project) $630 $1,120 $1,610 $2,100 $2,590 $3,080 $3,570 $4,060 $4,550 $5,040 $5,530 $6,020
Sea Turtle Project (Pacuare Turtle Project) $430 $675 $920 $1,165 $1,410 $1,655 $1,900 $2,145 $2,390 $2,635 $2,880 $3,125


  • Airport Pickup in Private car from Liberia airport to Guanacaste – 2 hours $80
  • Spanish Lesson (10hrs per week) $70


  • Airport Pickup in Private car from San Jose airport to Puntarenas – 3 hours $110
  • Transportation by bus from airport to Puntarenas $40: volunteer will travel unaccompanied to Puntarens and picked up at the local bus station
  • Spanish Lesson (10hrs per week) $70

San Jose

  • Airport Pickup and Transfer Fee Included for San Jose
  • Spanish Lesson (10hrs per week) $115
  • Fees for San Jose cover 2 meals, breakfast and dinner
  • $50 per week surcharge for medical, conservation and construction project

Turtle Project Additional fee

  • Included in all prices are 3 meals per day, plus the volunteer work on the boat ( 2 times per week) , biologist and staff, equipments and materials.

For all

  • Comprehensive Traveler Insurance $3.49/day (for all locations)

The fee includes:Orientation, Food and accommodations (3 meals a day), Placement visits and services, Project support costs or donation, Certificate of performance/appreciation, 24/7 emergency support

The weekly Fee Does Not Include:airfare, daily transportation, visa and visa extension fee, airport drop, airport taxes, any personal expenses on food and travel, mineral water and soft drinks, gifts to project staffs and host family, laundry, telephone, immunization, liability and insurance


New Hope Volunteers will arrange for the accommodation and meals throughout the volunteering duration in the Costa Rica program. Our volunteers will stay with a host family during the program. Our host families have all been carefully screened before being selected to participate in New Hope's volunteer programs. Our host families also have significant experience in accommodating international volunteers. Your hosts will provide you with a warm, comfortable and secure place to stay, while giving you the wonderful opportunity to learn about Costa Rican culture. Your host families will also provide you with 3 local meals, all of which will be clean and hygienic. If you require vegetarian options, New Hope will be able to accommodate; simply let us know when filling out the application form.

New Hope also offers extensive support for you so that you feel right at home while volunteering. We offer many layers of support in Costa Rica, as and when you require. The main person supporting you throughout your program will be our country coordinator in Costa Rica, who is also in-charge of your volunteer program. Whenever possible, the coordinator will call or visit you to see if you are happy and satisfied with your project. You will also have the coordinator's mobile phone number that you may call any time you wish to discuss anything. Our project staff will also guide and help you throughout the program. You will meet the project staff daily during your volunteer work in Costa Rica.

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