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Disadvantaged Children Project (Cordoba)

Volunteer in Disadvantaged Children Project in Cordoba, Argentina

Argentina enjoys the second highest human development index in South America. Despite this, poverty continues to persist affecting the welfare of the children in particular. This project works with a center that is providing education to vulnerable children and is helping to improve their literacy levels and their environmental and social awareness. The children come from disadvantaged backgrounds and lack access to resources they need at their age. During your time in the project, you will have the opportunity to give love and care to the kids, learn Spanish, go on trips to exciting places in Argentina, and learn how grassroots organizations offer real opportunities and care for needy children.

What difference is this project making?

The center looking after the kids is doing a wonderful job of giving access to resources they need to grow. The children are given education and they play with each other and with volunteers. These activities are designed to make the kids confident and make them feel loved and cared. When kids grow in this environment, they will start to believe in themselves and will work for a better future. With your very presence, volunteers will also motivate the kids to work hard and enjoy their life.

Highlights of the program

Volunteers will work with children of different age groups in the project. They will become involved in various activities like art, games, songs, etc. Volunteers will also assist local staff in developing stimulating new ideas to interest young children in learning. You can also help in preparing activities that develop the kids' basic skills.

Volunteers must possess a passion for working with kids, as well as patience to handle the kids. They must also respect the rules and regulations of the center, be resourceful, and must not hesitate to become involved in different activities. If they do not have a good knowledge of Spanish, they can take Spanish classes that will help make their program more effective. The community program is an initiative of local municipality and works with deprived communities.

Project location

With 1.4 million visitors, Cordoba is Argentina’s second city. The city is nestled in a valley and is surrounded by high mountains. The city averages about 24 degrees Celsius in the summer and 11 degrees Celsius in the winter. Cordoba is known for its streets, promenades, and buildings that are a mixture of colonial and modern architecture. There are also plenty of parks, restaurants, and museums to visit.

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