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Healthcare project (Cordoba)

Volunteer in Heathcare Project in Cordoba, Argentina

Travel to Cordoba, Argentina's second city known for being the cultural heartbeat of the country, and work in a healthcare project to treat people who come from a disadvantaged background and are without medical insurance. You will be working alongside local community health officers to plan and deliver health programs to rural communities, or in a government facility or neurological rehabilitation clinic. During the project, you will also learn about the healthcare program in Argentina, practice Spanish, and contribute to a valuable grassroots initiative.

What difference is this project making?

As a volunteer, you will setup and run educational workshops on general health and hygienic practices. The project also tackles critical health issues in areas suffering from poverty and poor access to education by increasing awareness and focusing on preventive care. This ensures the communities will be better prepared to care and protect young ones against general illness. You will treat patients from underprivileged backgrounds that do not have insurance and cannot afford to get regular treatment.

Highlights of the program

Volunteers will work from 4-5 hours per day Monday-Friday. The project is available year-round. You will participate and/or organize educational workshops aimed at reporting on topics of general relevance like hygiene, healthy eating, vaccination, etc., and will also learn or impart education about disease prevention, addictions, eating disorders, etc. Other activities include health promotion and maintenance within families, communities, and populations. There will also be programs on improving the environment of the community through education and promotion of clean living, optimization of resources, implementation of different strategies, and change of habits.

Volunteers must be at least 18 and they must have health insurance as well as accident and liability. They must also respect the rules and regulations of the center, be resourceful, and must not hesitate to become involved in different activities. If they do not have a good knowledge of Spanish, they can join our Spanish classes which will help make their program more effective. The community program is an initiative of local municipality and works with deprived communities.

Project location

With 1.4 million visitors, Cordoba is Argentina's second city. The city is nestled in a valley and is surrounded by high mountains. The city averages about 24 degrees Celsius in the summer and 11 degrees Celsius in the winter. Cordoba is known for its streets, promenades, and buildings that are a mixture of colonial and modern architecture. There are also plenty of parks, restaurants, and museums to visit.

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