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New Hope Country Coordinators

new hope country coordinators

NEW HOPE's country coordinators are dynamic, responsible, emotionally mature adults who support your volunteer abroad experience in many ways.   NEW HOPE's country coordinators are chosen for their leadership skills, particularly in working with young people, as well as their cross-cultural experience and language competency. Most important, they were chosen for their experience with international volunteers. Our coordinators provide and maintain a safe and secure setting, wherein volunteers can have a meaningful and memorable volunteer abroad experience.

  • Upon arrival, our coordinator/local staff welcomes you in the airport and transfers you to our office/home base
  • Starting with the orientation, coordinators explain the local culture, ways of life, knowledge of the country, and learning/travel opportunities giving you ample opportunities to ask questions.
  • During the course of the volunteer program, he/she will stay in close contact with volunteers, host families and project people. He/she will also be available for any kind of help you need
  • Country coordinators play a major part in support for volunteers to ensure the participants' safety and welfare, offering program logistics and budget, and facilitating the volunteer experience while encouraging the personal growth of the participants

NEW HOPE feels proud of our coordinator's achievements in the past year. Nearly 99% of NEW HOPE volunteer praised our coordinators and appreciate all help and support that they have received to make their stay meaningful and memorable

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