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Language and Cultural Program - Thailand

Program not available currently

New Hope Volunteers’ language and cultural program is a fascinating and thorough way of experience your host country before beginning your volunteer program. Through the program, you’ll learn about local customs, traditions, history, current prevailing practices and all the dos and don’ts. As part of the program, you’ll also learn how to communicate in local language. This ability is very important as this will enable you to bridge the communication gap between the people you’re working with and also allow you to do your work much more effectively. The program also contains sightseeing tours. You’ll visit historical and cultural sights and learn much more about the country. Volunteers who have enrolled in our program have found it very enlightening and have used this knowledge to make their volunteer program a great success.

Program Schedule

Day Activities
Day 1: Start with a small welcome ceremony and orientation program – where all things about the country will be discussed and familiarized
Day 2: Start of local language class - the class will be conducted in an interactive and fun way for 3-4 hours a day
Day 3: Language class will continue
Day 4: Today is the day of sightseeing. You’ll tour Bangkok’s main attraction
Day 5: Your language class will continue
Day 6: More sightseeing tour of Bangkok
Day 7: Closure of the program with evaluation
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