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Marine Project (Puntarenas)

volunteer marine project in Puntarenas, Costa Rica
  • Share your passion for marine life
  • Gain hands-on experience in care and conservation work in a marine park
  • Immerse in the Costa Rican way of life through safe, carefully-screened homestays
  • Explore nature’s best in Costa Rica, famous for its bountiful biodiversity

If you have an immense passion for marine life, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Learn about the diverse marine wildlife and habitats while being part of conservation, rehabilitation, breeding, educational, care, and protection efforts of oceanic animals. As a volunteer in Costa Rica, you’ll be providing care and protection to the marine life. New Hope partners up with a marine park that caters to tourists and locals alike who are interested in rehabilitation of marine life. The park has an incredible array of marine animals such as sharks, turtles, pelicans, crocodiles, anemones, etc. The park rehabilitates wounded animals and on the rare occasion that an animal can not be suitably rehabilitated, they are cared for at the park and remain an important part of the education for visitors. Be part of a healthier marine ecosystem while exploring the picturesque rainforests and beaches of Costa Rica.

Volunteer’s Responsibilities

As a volunteer in the Marine project in Costa Rica, you will be supporting the local marine park on their conservation efforts. Depending on the individual’s skills and expertise, and the needs of the local staff, your daily duties include but are not limited to:

  • Marine Life Education: Volunteers are able to help with workshops on sharks and whales, turtles: oceanic and terrestrial, water pollution, marine food chains, and waste recycling.
  • Marine Life Maintenance: Volunteers are able to help with the capture (selection and transportation) of animals, acclimation and quarantine, breeding, incubation, nursery, and maintenance of animals.
  • Marine Life Conservation: Help to rescue and rehabilitate marine animals in order to release them to their natural environments.
How You Can Make a Difference

By volunteering in the Marine Project in Costa Rica, you will have the amazing opportunity to learn about conservation practices used to care and protect the variety of marine life and its habitats. You’ll help to watch and maintain these tanks to guarantee the continued health and success of the park. You’ll also be able to have hands-on experience in handling the animals. Once acclimated to the park and animals, volunteers will also lead guided tours and take part in regular marine park activities.

Skills and Qualifications

There are no specific qualifications needed to volunteer in the Marine project, except an interest in marine life and conservation. A basic/intermediate fluency in Spanish is preferred, and we recommend enrolling in our Spanish Language Studies program to make your project more beneficial. While this program is open to anyone, marine biology students are strongly encouraged to apply. A volunteer should be enthusiastic and a self-starter, yet able to follow directions well.

Project Location

This project is located on the conservation base north of Puerto Jimenez on the Peninsula de Osa in Playa Blanca, in the southern pacific province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Playa Blanca experiences a tropical climate with hot temperatures and almost 100% humidity, and frequent rain. Nearby, there are fantastic attractions such as the Corcovada National Park, Drake Bay and Golfito.


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