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Dear Ranjana,

I am very happy to be here and tmy experience has been only good so far. The people are very helpful in every way, the accomodation and food is good.

Together with my sister I am teaching in Wat Sadej school a little outside of Ayutthaya. The school has not had foreign teacher so far and they are greatful for the help. The english teacher there is enthusiastic and determined to teach english and we can really see that with the students. They already know some basics. We encourage them to think and understand rather than just repeat without knowing what the subject is about. Because that is the only thing most students can do from what we hear from other volunteers.

kind regards

Dear Volunteer,

Please kindly evaluate the volunteer program of New Hope Volunteers and assist us to further improve our services and program.

Your name: Kathleen Bibeau
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Volunteer Country: Thailand

How do you assess the services of New Hope?

The services were good. I got support in my country before leaving as well as when I was in Thailand, where I volunteered.

Please evaluate the support, meal and accommodation we received during the program

The support was really good. I only eat seafood and my mother understood it very well. She even taught me how to make some Thai food! The place where I was living was clean, I had a fridge as well as hot shower

Please review/evaluate your overall experience with New Hope

The experience was wonderful! However, I did not volunteer as much as I would have liked to. It was too easy for me and I did not taught English to kids, the teacher was doing everything, but that may be because I only stayed for five days. It is one of the most interesting experiences in my life, and while helping others, we get to know the culture more deeper than anyone else would have known if they were not staying with a Thai family.

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Dear Volunteer,

Your name: Sisse Jørgensen
Volunteer country: Thailand

We appreciate if you kindly summarize your volunteer/Travel experience with NEW HOPE VOLUNTEER Program

Originally I was supposed to teach English to monks. It turned out that the monks were on holiday, so I was teaching English to boys and girls at a normal school. It’s been a great experience but I was a little bit disappointed about the change of project. However, the kids were great and the school was very good. I would have appreciated to get an e-mail about the monk’s holiday…….The document that was sent by e-mail concerning the project and accommodation seemed out-dated e.g. according to the documents the accommodation had half Asian half western toilet and only cold showers. I had a normal western toilet and hot showers. The accommodation was really nice, nice family, nice food and clean rooms noting like a “hostel” as said on my information documents.

I’ve had a great 3 weeks volunteering here, and I would definitely go with New Hope Volunteers again. Working with the kids and see how the school system works. Here in Thailand has been such a great experience and a memory for life. The volunteers living at this accommodation have been such nice people and I gained a lot of new friends which is a great part of the volunteering experience as well.

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