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Volunteer Evaluation SHEET

Dear Volunteer,

Please kindly evaluate the volunteer program of New Hope Volunteers and assist us to further improve our services and program.

Your address: RUA TONELEIRO 106/802 – COPACABANA – RIO DE JANEIRO – RJ 22030-002 , BRASIL
Volunteer date/country: MARCH 4TH TO MARCH 10TH – MAASAI - KENYA

How do you assess the services of New Hope?

Excelent. Great staff. Easy communication.

Please evaluate the support, meal and accommodation we received during the program

It was exactly what I expected. I had a wonderfull experience in my host family. It was excellent to taste new kinds of food, and learn about a different culture.

Please review/evaluate your overall experience with New Hope

Unfortunatelly I was not able to work in the project that I expected.. ( Medical Project). There were a strike that started before my trip , that resulted in not spending my time as I wanted. I was very sad that I was not informed before my way to Kenya.. I spent around 2500,00 US Dollars in total ( flight , project and other expenses) for 7 days in Maasai. This made me a little upset because I could change my flight to delay the project , or even change the country… but, anyway, I had a great time there, knew a lot of very nice people, including my host family which was awesome. My host family was very friendly, Virginia´s family is wonderfull! I would love to come back again. They were very kindles, patience and always together. There were people that got my in the airport and drop me back. They were really so kind and happy all the time. I had a wonderfull time there , in school and visited several places around.

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Can we forward your email address to our future volunteers? If yes, please write your e-mail:

Yes, my email is

Thank you and all the best for your future endeavors!

Volunteer Evaluation SHEET

Kenya - Maasai Community Development Programme

Prior to leaving for Africa I was pretty worried about the safety aspects of being a solo female traveler in a country such as Kenya. I sent numerous emails to the country coordinator Virginia who promptly replied to each one with advice and answers to all my questions. She was waiting to pick me up from the airport even though my plane was over an hour delayed. Throughout my stay Virginia and her family were incredible. She ensured myself and the other volunteers had everything we needed and always felt safe. She gave us advice, listened to our ideas about the projects then helped us put them into action. When any of us had a few days off for safaris or trips she would assist us in organizing them as well as any transport or accommodation we needed. My host family were also amazing and though we only had the basics we were well taken care of.

The project itself was unfortunately a bit disorganization. The school i was told we would be building had apparently been put on hold months ago due to lack of funding. Some of the other volunteers who had come through different organizations similar to New Hope had been told they were doing different things altogether. We ended up fixing the plumbing & water suppl at a different local school and planting some gardens around the community and at the school as they had very little food. Because these were projects we initiated and also delivery of materials was delayed this took up the entire month i was there. Had there been ongoing or pre-established projects i feel we could have achieved a lot more in that time.

Regardless i had an amazing time and it was a great way to really experience the culture and their way of living. We had no power or running water, cooked meals over a fire and had had giraffes and baboons roaming in the back yard. The people were incredible and it was an experience I'll never forget.

Kind regards,
Claire Wilson

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