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Volunteers' Reviews - Ecuador

Volunteer Evaluation SHEET

Hi Ranjana,

My stay in Quito has been perfect; my host family is very hospitable and caring. Jose and his staff are also very friendly and always helping if in need.

My experience in Ecuador has been very pleasant, my volunteering experience has been very rewarding and the children are lovely but cheeky!

I will post photos on facebook when I get home because I only have my phone to access the internet.

Jennifer Nguyen.

Volunteer Evaluation SHEET

Dear Volunteer,

Please kindly evaluate the volunteer program of New Hope Volunteers and assist us to further improve our services and program.

Your name: Kerrie Stewart
Your address: 14134 Juniper Drive, Vernon BC, V1B2E5, Canada
Volunteer country: Quito, Ecuador

How do you assess the services of New Hope?

I found New Hope services to be very accommodating. I had specific needs in terms of expediency as I only had a few weeks to organize a trip and my dates were inflexible. It was a little frustrating to be only able to manage one email response per day but that was nobody’s fault and just a result of the time difference between Canada and India. I was grateful for the patience of my New Hope Correspondent though and her ability to find me another placement when the first didn’t work out. I found my in country coordinator to be very nice, supportive and concerned about my safety and how I was doing at the project.

Please evaluate the support, meal and accommodation we received during the program

The support of my in country coordinator was great, the food and accommodation were very good. I was in a very supportive home with a lovely lady looking after me. She was so warm and helpful I felt very welcome at the office of my coordinator and use of the computer was much appreciated.

My coordinator was very helpful also with giving great advice and help in exploring the country and he tried to help me find others to do things with which was very thoughtful. He also organized some trips for me.

Please review/evaluate your overall experience with New Hope

I found it to be a worthwhile experience. I had my doubts in the beginning as to how helpful I could be without the language and being able to speak Spanish would have enhanced my enjoyment, ease and usefulness a hundredfold but given that I did not have the language, I still feel that I was able to make a worthwhile contribution to the facility I was in as I was able to support the children and the workers and offer them help, caring , encouragement and love. In retrospect I would not have liked to be precluded from participating because of the language difficulties and given that I had such a short time to prepare I am glad that I had the opportunity to be there.

I was met at the airport as promised and that was very comforting. The only thing is that I was not given a clear idea of what was to be expected of me although I quickly learned that I could step in and help whenever I felt that I could.

Do you recommend New Hope Volunteer program to your friends/families?
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