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Dear "new hope volunteers"

Here is a statement about my stay at Ghana:

First of all: I loved it!!!

It was a great experience. Ghana is a wonderful country with a lot of really nice people. Most of them are so nice and helpful and it is easy to travel around and learn many interesting things about their life and culture. And I also loved my work at the orphanage!!! There are such good kids and volunteers can help them in many ways. Especially the little kids need a lot of attention. Some of them are often sick and they are so grateful when someone cares about them.

Volunteers can even buy some medicine or whatever they need. That’s what I did. And it’s a pleasure to see when they feeling better after a while.

Furthermore I was helping in the kitchen, cleaning and cooking, and so on.

But everyone should notice that it’s sometimes a kind of hard to see what’s going on there. For example there are punishments in the schools like caning or kneeling down. I hate that! But that’s the way it is there... or when kids are really sick (e.g. malaria) and there is no money to send them to a hospital... but the good thing is volunteers can take them to a hospital and pay for their medical treatment.

And then most of the African people are thinking that every white person is really rich. And some of them are really bold. They will ask you for money, cell phone, camera or whatever. But usually when you say "no" then it’s ok.

All in all it was a really good time there and I would do it again at any time!!! :)

Best regards

Stefanie Kall

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