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Teaching Project

volunteer in teaching project in maasai, kenya

Recently, with drought and other calamites, the Maasai tribe has found it harder to stick to their traditional lifestyle. Even their movements have been restricted in their own land due to national park regulation, while irregular rains have devastated grass which the cattle need in plenty to feed. Diseases like HIV/AIDS have seen many deaths among the Maasai, and despite growing numbers of tourists visiting their place to see their unique culture, they haven’t benefited from tourist revenue. One of the main reasons the Maasai have suffered from all these malaise is because of illiteracy. But the irony is the education in Kenya is free for everyone. Yet, in Kimuka, where the Maasai live, the schools aren’t equipped with well trained teachers. Hence, volunteers who can teach any subjects like English, math, science, etc. are urgently needed.

The schools in Kenya will be closed in April-May and August-September. During this time, volunteers will teach in an orphanage. Volunteers have the option of joining other projects in Maasai region.

What difference does this project make?

The Maasai know they have to adapt and adjust to the changing environment around them or they’ll lose their culture and lifestyle. They are frequently exploited because they’re illiterate and can’t interact with outside people. Education is a key to changing all that. Through education, the Maasai can be in charge of their own destiny. Schools will produce Maasai people that are able to use their culture and the product that make they for the own benefit. They can interact and do business with outside people and have the confidence to organize their own affairs.

Highlights of the program

Volunteers will travel to the wonderful Maasai village and stay with them while working in the project. You’ll teach 5 days a week for about 3-4 hours a day. The infrastructure of the class will be very basic and you’ll frequently find animal droppings and gazelles roaming nearby. Initially, volunteers will be helped by local staffs and the principal will guide you along. You’ll teach the children in a fun and informative way, using the official curriculum as well as your own method. You can also organize or take part in games.

Project location

Volunteers will travel to Kimuka, a pastoral village in the heart of Maasailand. It takes about 90 to drive to Kimuka from Nairobi. You’ll find a Maasai Manyatta, a church and couple of other infrastructures in Kimuka. The Maasai mainly stay in their Manyatta and raise their cattle. Only 5% of the population is employed elsewhere in permanent jobs.

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