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Community Development Project

volunteer in community development project in maasai, kenya

It’s become abundantly clear recently that Masaai tribe need help to adjust to the changing world and diversify their survival skills. Education, infrastructure development projects, and many other projects are currently on going to empower Maasai. These projects will ensure they will live a disease free life, will be educated, and have skills to thrive. The project also wants to ensure by empowering the Maasai, they will not lose their unique way of life and stick to their proud history and land. Volunteers are urgently required to give momentum to the ongoing projects. Many volunteers will be involved in infrastructure projects, while also teaching Maasai marketing skills and many other incoming generating activities.

What difference does this project make?

The Maasai is a warrior tribe, hunting wild animals earlier and raising cattle for survival. Hunting has been banned but the Maasai still raise cattle and turn to their culture for inspiration and guidance. But due to manmade and natural calamity, the Maasai have suffered from disease and poverty. To ensure the Maasai thrive in their natural environment, it’s become clear they need to learn other skills and have some permanent infrastructures to facilitate them. Hence, the projects like building schools, clinics, sanitation projects, ecologically friendly latrines, and other income generating activities like exporting the beads that Maasai make, are very important for the future of Maasai tribe.

Highlights of the program

Volunteers will travel to wonderful Maasai village and stay with them while working in the project. The infrastructure around the village is very basic. The current ongoing projects are:

  • Constructing ecological latrines
  • Construction and maintenance of traditional houses, which are made from mud, cow and reed huts, and also construct thatched roofs
  • Build schools and sanitation project

At the time of volunteering, you may have entirely different ongoing work. Volunteers will contribute in that.

Project location

The volunteer project is located in the village of Saikeri. The clinic in the village is the only one serving thousands of people. It takes about 90 to 120 minutes to drive to Saikeri from Nairobi. Most of the work involves providing first aid treatment but volunteers will also do other work like outpatient services, counseling and maternity services.

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