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Medical Project

volunteer in medical project in maasai, kenya

The work and life of Maasai is very labor intensive. They need to be in good health to lead a prosperous life, while bad health can ruin family’s fortune. But the land they inhabit is remote and until recently devoid of any healthcare. The few clinics that have opened recently also run without adequate medical professionals. Hence, medical volunteers are urgently needed to the region. Through volunteers help healthcare can be brought to every family, and Maasai people can be treated for simple cuts and diseases and not let them fester like in the past. The clinic serving the volunteer has to provide healthcare for thousands of people, so volunteers are urgently need to assist the local staff.

What difference does this project make?

The Maasai is a warrior tribe, hunting wild animals earlier and raising cattle for survival. Hunting has been banned but the Maasai still raise cattle and turn to their culture for inspiration and guidance. But due to manmade and natural calamity, the Maasai have suffered from disease and poverty. The region also didn’t have any clinics and schools, and people were unhealthy and illiterate. Lately, few clinics have opened up and are providing healthcare to the local. However, because the land is remote and very few facilities exist, medical professionals aren’t willing to travel to the area and stay for long. Hence, volunteers with medical background are urgently needed to provide healthcare to the Maasai. With the project, the Maasai can lead a healthy life and will not have to worry about their poor health.

Highlights of the program

Volunteers will travel to wonderful Maasai village and stay with them while working in the project. The infrastructure around the village is very basic and volunteers will have to visit individual houses as well as stay in medical clinic. Volunteers will not be involve in surgery but will do most other medical work, like treating wounds, diagnosing illness, and with the help of local medical professionals, prescribing medicines. Volunteers can also participate in HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns.

Project location

The volunteer project is located in the village of Saikeri. The clinic in the village is the only one serving thousands of people. It takes about 90 to 120 minutes to drive to Saikeri from Nairobi. Most of the work involves providing first aid treatment but volunteers will also do other work like outpatient services, counseling and maternity services.

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