Nepal Photo Journalism Shutterbugs listen up! If you’re looking to enhance your photojournalism skills, look no further than the Photojournalism Project in Nepal!

From its majestic snow-capped mountains, spectacular temples and stupas, to the vivid festivals and cultural happenings, Nepal is one of the most phenomenal places to practice photojournalism. This project aims to cultivate strong and open-minded photojournalists in our volunteers.

By volunteering in Nepal in the Photojournalism project, you’ll be under the tutelage of an experienced professional who works for a respected, top local newspaper. Not only will you be able to add this experience to your resume, you will gain a wide variety of knowledge in a different country.

This project can also be an internship position if the volunteer is interested in dedicating more time, resources and a final detailed report at the end of the project. Widen your photographic lens and broaden your minds in the Photojournalism Project!

Volunteers’ Responsibilities

By participating in Photojournalism in Nepal, you will be under the guidance of a seasoned professional. Volunteers will approve a personal schedule and accompany the supervisor to events and locations, usually via motorcycle, which is the best way to navigate the busy streets of Kathmandu.

You’ll be heading to places where you can take interesting pictures. This can range from a marriage ceremony to a chariot-drawing festival, where the crowds make merry with celebratory song and dance.

Skills and Qualifications

Volunteers must know how to operate a camera and understand the concept of modern photojournalism. If you know some of the functions of an SLR camera, you’ll also have an easier time. Environments are fast-paced in which quick thinking is important.

Volunteers must be comfortable following direction. Insight into Nepalese language and culture is also valuable – consider enrolling in our one week Nepal Language Studies & Cultural Immersion program.

Project Location

This project is located in Kathmandu. Nepal is a country of matchless beauty. On the northern borders of Nepal, the majestic mountains of the Himalayas draw visitors in the thousands every year. As you travel south from there, you’ll pass countless snow-fed rivers, deep ravines and gorges, green valleys and a gorgeous panorama of overlapping hills.

Nepal eventually ends on the flat plains that border India. In these varied terrains, countless ethnic groups thrive with their multitude of languages and unique cultures.

Kathmandu: Kathmandu is the capital and the largest city in Nepal. The city is known for pagoda style temples dotted around the city and the half a dozen ancient historical places and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. During your free time, volunteers can do many things in Kathmandu like visiting Buddhist temples of Swayumbhunath and Bouddha or Pashupatinath, one of the holiest Hindu shrines.

There are also many fine restaurants and bars in Kathmandu and you can also visit mountain top retreat of Nagarkot for a one night sojourn. One a clear day, sunrise from Nagarkot has been described as spectacular and you can also see clear views of Langtang Himalayan range.