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Building Program – Sangkhlaburi, Northwest Thailand

  • Be part of a team to helping to build an orphanage
  • Gain hands-on experience in community development
  • Practice Thai while immersed in the local culture through carefully-screened homestays
  • Learn to cook famous Thai dishes, explore beautiful natural wonders and discover the historic and cultural ruins in your downtime

Sangkhlaburi is a small, yet beautiful little town, in the mountainous northwestern side of Thailand. Bordering with Myanmar (previously known as Burma), Sangkhlaburi is home to local Thai people, Karen, Mon and Burmese immigrants, making up a diverse community of people.

Building Projects

The building program has been introduced with the sole purpose of supporting the local people of Sangkhlaburi, constructing and renovating the community focused facilities and improving local infrastructure. The needs of the local community are ever growing and changing, so in order to go alongside with the changes, the project details are subject to change with the completion of each construction and renovation program. However, volunteers will be provided with the specific details of the project will be provided to the volunteers during the local orientation. The volunteers will be required to get involved in diverse activities in the renovation and construction of childcare centers, under the supervision of the local Thai foreman, who will train and mentor the volunteers on local construction methods. The coordinators will be there to help and guide you throughout the project tenure as you will be getting your hands dirty, mixing cement, using the ‘job’, rendering bamboo, digging foundations, fencing, gardening and painting. Volunteers are expected to clear away the tools at the end of the day and clean and maintain the hand tools they use.


The project does not require a specific set of skills and requirement for the project. But since this project involves a lot of physical work, volunteers are required to be physically fit with the passion of working for the local people. Please feel free to let us know if you have an important skill that might be beneficial for the project. Flexibility and patience are traits, highly regarded from the volunteers.


The volunteers will be granted with free time as volunteering does not require work commitment 24/7. Volunteers will be working for 5 days a week and will have free time on weekends. They can take the weekend free time to explore local areas around Sangkhlaburi or indulge in their own work. You can explore and immerse into the local culture and savor the local Thai cuisine as you make use of your free time, while getting mesmerized by the beautiful Thai culture. You can request our staff to organize your free time or end of placement travel.


Accommodation arrangements are usually rented places from local communities. The volunteers will get houses on shared basis; with will have twin bedrooms, bathrooms with hot shower, a basic kitchen, in and outdoor communal areas, etc. Beds and beddings, storage, a fan and mosquito nets on windows and electrical sockets are the basic amenities provided to the volunteers. Accommodations will be placed at an area with easy access to facilities like internet cafes, ATMs, hospitals, bars, restaurants and supermarkets. Houses are closely situated to each other and are close to the staff accommodation and office.

More about Sangkhlaburi

Sangkhlaburi, a small ethnically diverse town bordering Myanmar lies on the edge of ‘Kheuan Khao Laem’, the largest man made reservoir in Thailand. With its location at the border with Myanmar, a huge migrant population from Myanmar and Laos make up most of the population of Sangkhlaburi, along with the people of the Thai Hills. The ethnic spectrum of Sangkhlaburi is something worth noticing. Most of the immigrants there do not possess any citizenship and are stateless, with limited access to education, medical relief and support from the Thai Government. Hence, NGOs and volunteer organizations are actively working for the welfare of the immigrant population, helping to provide basic needs to the people.   
Sangkhlaburi is a great place to visit, if the ‘real Thailand’ is what one is looking to experience. Amid the diversity of ethnicity, get up close to the local culture and savor the real Thai cuisine. Get into the bustling local market places, with local people busy in making their daily shopping, especially during ht evenings.

You would not want to miss out on the beautiful temples (Wat) Want Wiwekaram and Chedi Buddhakhaya, when at Sangkhlaburi. Cross the bridge to the Mon Village and take left parallel to the lake, and walk approximately 2km away where you will find a forked concrete road. Take a right and you will get to the main Wat Wang Wiwekaram. Phara Uttama, one of the most important monks n Thailand had built the temple, who is still highly revered among the Mon community. You will be fascinated to see the large ornate Biharn, that lies at the main wat, and get mesmerized by the murals painted in another building, that depict the stages of the Buddha’s last and previous lives. Volunteers are recommended to hire a taxi in order to avoid getting lost in the confusing Wangka village. You will find places to eat and drink around the town, with tasty yet low priced food. You can try all the different types of food available and savor the local cuisine of Sangkhlaburi.

The volunteers are free to spend their free time during the weekends, by resting or exploring the local areas around. They can also indulge into adventurous activities like zip lines, quad bikes and relaxing activities like swimming available at a natural park called the Nature Club, which has been recently opened near the outskirts of the village. Our team can organize activities for weekends on the request of volunteers.

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