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HIV/AIDS Project (Moshi, Arusha)

volunteer in HIV/AIDS project in tanzania
  • Aid in the fight against HIV/AIDS through victim support and awareness programs
  • Gain invaluable practical healthcare experience alongside local medical professionals
  • Immerse in the life of a Tanzanian through safe, carefully-screened homestays
  • Practice Swahili while discovering a whole host of exciting African experiences in Tanzania in your downtime

Help to stop the HIV/AIDS virus in its tracks! In Tanzania, the rate of the HIV/AIDS infection continues unabated. Due to this deadly disease, many families have been plunged into poverty as they lose their sole breadwinners. There have been campaigns to stop the rate of infection but many have been unsuccessful. New Hope works with the grassroots communities that are actively initiating programs that are creating awareness halting the spread of the disease. With your help, these organizations can reach out to more people through awareness and prevention campaigns. This project aims to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS and provide support to those infected, focusing on adolescent reproductive health and disease awareness and prevention.  Volunteer in Tanzania, and be part of the team that contributes to the fight against the virus. While you’re there, take the opportunity to explore the renowned wildlife safaris or hike the breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro!

Volunteer's Responsibilities

As a volunteer working in the HIV/AIDS project in Tanzania, you will be providing care to patients infected with the diseases and also engage the community in educational and training activities. Depending on your skills, experience and interests, and also the needs of the local staff, your daily activities involve, but are not limited to:

  • Counseling infected patients
  • Educating locals
  • Assisting clinics/hospitals
  • Increasing the personal risk perception among the rural communities through active participation in HIV/AIDS preventive education in the community
  • Assisting community HIV/AIDS organizations with outreach programs such as hospice care, recreational and educational programs
  • Treat small opportunistic diseases such as headaches, stomach aches, skin diseases or diarrhea
  • Assisting with voluntary HIV counseling and testing
  • Organizing and leading educational seminars and conferences about the virus
  • Providing friendship to patients
  • Take part in support groups for those who are infected
  • Assisting local organizations with administrative and organizational tasks
  • Fundraising
  • Promote human rights and discourage discrimination
  • Lead lessons on personal hygiene
  • Promote health education and nutrition
How You Can Make a Difference

As a volunteer in Tanzania in the HIV/AIDS project, you’ll be actively helping out the victims and increasing awareness in the society. New Hope partners up with many organizations which are working to improve HIV/AIDS awareness, education and provide care to those infected. The goal of these groups' activities is to foster awareness of the disease and work to change attitudes and behavior towards those unfortunate enough to be infected. Besides helping them get better, you’ll also a form of support for the victims, who are often shunned by society. A simple smile and a listening ear their way is often enough to motivate them to want to live life. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to gain experience in the healthcare industry. You’ll also be able to learn about the medical system in a developing country, and gain better understanding on how healthcare is perceived.

Skills and Qualifications

There is no specific education, experience, skills and/or qualifications needed to join our fight against HIV/AIDS in a volunteer project. Those with medical credentials will be able to help according to your certifications. If you are interested in the healthcare field, this is a good opportunity to gain professional experience. However, volunteers are expected to be flexible and patient as well as passionate and have love for the poor and HIV-infected people. An understanding of Tanzanian culture and diversity can help improve the experience for you and the people you help. Consider enrolling in our one-week Language & Cultural Immersion program.

Project Location

This project is located in and around Arusha and Moshi. Arusha is one of the bigger cities in the north of Tanzania and sits at the base of Mount Meru, not far from the Kenyan border. It is well-known African congress center and contains the site where the International Tribunal for the Rwandese Genocide was held. Safari tours to the Serengeti, N'gorongoro, Manyara and Tarangire usually launch in Arusha. The city is also an excellent base for visiting the Arusha National Park, where volunteers can experience a wide range of habitats and experiences. There are lakes that serve as a gathering point for a kaleidoscope of waterfowl, the imposing summit of Mount Meru is nearby and Moshi is approximately an hour-and-a-half (90 minutes) drive from Arusha.

Moshi sits on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is an often over-looked tourist destination, but offers many intriguing cultural exposure opportunities. The Chagga people call Moshi home and it is in the middle of a major coffee growing region. Central Moshi is busy and colorful, making it an interesting walking excursion. The area around the market and Mawenzi Road is recommended, as there is a slight Asian flavor to the area and a Hindu temple, mosques and Indian traders.

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