RCDP International – New Hope Volunteers Partnership

In 2013, New Hope Volunteers launched volunteer abroad program in partnership with RCDP International (http://www.rcdpinternationalvolunteer.org ). RCDP (Rural Community Development Project) is an organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. RCDP has been offering volunteer placements for over 15 years and successfully organized placements for more than 4500 volunteers. RCDP has also funded countless projects to build schools and orphanages. Since both RCDP International and New Hope Volunteers believe in offering quality volunteer programs at very affordable program fee, this partnership will benefit both the organizations, and in return our volunteers will benefit from it the most.

The partnership will ensure:

The Program Fee Most Affordable

New Hope Volunteers and RCDP International have formed a joint monitoring team that makes field visits, and monitors the progress of the projects and the work carried out by our volunteers. Before offering any new project to the volunteers, the monitoring team also conducts extensive field evaluations and makes sure the project will follow our strict guidelines. This setup also ensures both organizations will spend less time, less energy and even less funds on researching for meaningful projects in safe and secure destinations. This is the reason why we are offering volunteer programs that are 7 times more affordable than our competitors. It is not only our program fee that is the highlight of our volunteer program. Our placements offer wonderful opportunities for our volunteers to contribute in a sustainable development of local communities. Our projects are also fully supported by local communities and our volunteers will work alongside local people.

Our Family of Staff Members

New Hope Volunteers and RCDP International work with same country coordinators, staffs and local grassroots organizations all over the world. This setup ensures that our staffs will always be motivated to help volunteers, and we will maintain the professionalism required to give volunteers life changing experience. This sharing of resources also ensures we keep the cost very low, and makes us possible to offer Most Affordable Program Fees. Our country coordinators, who are part of the two organizations, play very important roles. The coordinators organize placements for the volunteer, arrange for airport pickups and ensure that volunteers are happy and satisfied during the project. All our coordinators have many years of experience running the programs. They are also socially respected in the community and have excellent communications skills.

Quality Time while Volunteering

The joint monitoring team of New Hope and RCDP International lays the founding stones of very successful volunteer projects by conducting extensive researches, surveys, field visits and interviews. The team ensures that in destinations our volunteers will be:

  • warmly welcomed
  • will feel safe and secure
  • can immerse in fascinating local culture
  • work along local people in volunteer projects that will benefit the local community
  • and return home with memories they can treasure for the rest of their lives

When you volunteer with us you will experience all this.

Complete Volunteer Experience

New Hope and RCDP International also organizes travel/tour programs and a week-long language and cultural programs, 2 weeks in the case of Nepal. Our programs can now be organized in three phases.

First phase:
Our volunteers can now start their stay with a language and culture program and immerse in local lifestyle. This program will give our volunteers excellent knowledge of local culture and make you confident and motivated to volunteer.

Second phase:
You will work in projects that will benefit local communities. Our volunteers will be helped by local staffs, and also experience warm appreciate for the work you have done.

Third phase:
After successfully volunteering work, you can then pamper yourself by concluding your program with a tour/travel or a safari program to see the best of what the country has to offer. Our staffs will seamlessly coordinate these activities and make it a truly life changing experience.

Comprehensive Medical Insurance

We understand that there might be certain risk while volunteering, even though we try hard to limit this. But we also want to assure you that you can get this covered. In partnership with Seven Corners, a leading insurance provider based in the US, New Hope and RCDP International now offers a comprehensive insurance program to the volunteers. The cost of the insurance coverage is just USD 3 per day.

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