Why volunteering with New Hope Volunteers

Reasons for choosing New Hope Volunteer

World’s most affordable fee

The program fees of New Hope Volunteers are world’s most affordable. No organization can beat our price. Our main target is students and low budget travelers. We run our program with our local country coordinators in each country. This has helped us to maintain unbeaten prices while providing wonderful opportunities around the globe.

Our experience, safety, and quality

New Hope Volunteers is a joint effort of many country coordinators who have worked for many US , UK, New Zealand and Australia based volunteer companies for many years. We have been serving volunteers for more than 10 years. This experience has unable us to run very effective, safe, and high quality programs. We have also increased our link with local projects, host families, and villagers. In New Hope, we have poured all our experience, expertise, and ideas to create extremely safe and high quality programs. We are sure you will enjoy our programs and gain unforgettable experience.

Local Support

All New Hope coordinators care about volunteers and we clearly know that you have spent considerable amount of money and time planning to join our program. And we do not have intention to disappoint you whatsoever. We have got all the support structure, from our head office to regional offices and country coordinators to field staffs. If you have any problems and difficulties, you’ll have 24 hours support and any issues will quickly be resolved. While on the field, you can volunteer relaxed and assured that there are professional people helping to make sure that your program runs smoothly and that you’ll have an experience of a lifetime.

Suppleness of the Programs

We believe in flexibility. Volunteers usually work from 2 to 12 weeks. However, in many countries volunteers to extend their programs. We can also customize your program needs to include more than one project in a single country or a program combining projects in 2 or more countries. And if you are not taking language and cultural program, you can start your program at any date

Worldwide Projects and Tour Facilities

We always strive to enrich each participant’s experience through informative language and culture orientation programs and fascinating travel opportunities in our partner countries. New Hope has collaborated with reputed local travel companies to give you most affordable tour packages. Through all this, our volunteers will gain unique and deeper experience and knowledge of local sights, sounds and people.

Language Instruction Program

In many countries, our volunteer programs start with a one week language and orientation opportunity. In the program, volunteers will learn about the basics of local language and culture. During the program, volunteers will also gain valuable insight into local culture, religion, and ways of life. As part of the program, volunteers will also visit some local sights. After completing the program, you will start your volunteer program full of confidence and complete in successfully.

Didactic Actions

Our educational endeavor extends around the globe with the variation of climate and geographical features from seashores to the mountain regions. New Hope Volunteer offers a number of distinctive and challenging opportunities that are highly educational and enriching for any volunteers. All our programs are filled with the impressive sights and sounds of different cultures from across the developing world.

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