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Nepal Himalayas Teaching EnglishIf the magnificent tumble of great snow summits, verdant mountains full of rhododendrons and isolated villages is your idea of paradise, then volunteer to teach English in the Nepal Himalayan region! All well-to-do families in the Khumbu region can afford to send their children to schools in the capital city of Kathmandu, where they are taught by well-trained teachers.

For the children of poor Sherpas however, the only option for education is the local schools. These local schools are often resource-poor and understaffed. Due to the remote nature of Khumbu, many teachers prefer to not work permanently there.

Students find it tough to progress in their English, which is the most important subject for them. Without good skills in written and spoken English, young students will not be able to graduate and gain admission into good colleges.

As a volunteer, you’ll help to alleviate this problem and motivate the students to work hard for a better future. Shine the light to a brighter future for the children, while waking up to unbelievable views of the Himalayas every single day!

Volunteers’ Responsibilities

By teaching English in Nepal Himalayan, your efforts will be focused on teaching English in the local rural schools. Depending on your individual interests and skills, and on the needs of the local staff, your daily activities involve, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching basic English to the students
  • Helping students to improve their Basic English and conversational skills
  • Supporting recreational and artistic activities focused on educational learning
  • Organizing and developing activities that encourage learning
  • Assisting the fulltime local teacher with class duties
  • Educating children regarding personal hygiene
  • Working alongside the local teachers on curriculum development
  • Assisting school administrations with daily tasks
  • Tutoring the students and help with their homework

How You Can Make a Difference

All well-to-do families in Khumbu region typically send their children to schools in Kathmandu, where they are taught well by skilled teachers.

For children of deprived Sherpas and other poor families that migrate to Khumbu for work, they can only opt to go to local schools, which lack resources and trained teachers.

As a volunteer, you will help fill the gap for English teachers at the local schools. There will be plenty of opportunities to improve these children’s English through a variety of teaching techniques. With our volunteers, the students will be able to hold debates and discussions and this will help them to comprehend the language better through improved grammar and vocabulary.

Your presence will encourage the students to speak English, and gradually build their confidence and motivate the students into studying hard for a better future.

Skills and Qualifications

There are no specific qualifications needed to join our volunteer project in the Nepal Himalayan region beyond a fluency in English.

However, your understanding of the Nepali culture and language can help improve the experience for you and the children. Consider enrolling in our one-week Language & Cultural Immersion program.

Volunteer teachers should have strong English fluency, both written and verbal, although no previous teaching experience is required. Volunteers should have a love for teaching, English and conversation.

Volunteers should also be enthusiastic, reliable, flexible, patient and strive to be good role models for the students. Volunteers must also respect the locals and the host organizations, along with their rules and projects.

Project Location

This project is located in the Everest region of Nepal. Nepal is a country of matchless beauty. On the northern borders of Nepal, the majestic mountains of the Himalayas draw visitors in the thousands every year.

As you travel south from there, you’ll pass countless snow-fed rivers, deep ravines and gorges, green valleys and a gorgeous panorama of overlapping hills. Nepal eventually ends on the flat plains that border India. In these varied terrains, countless ethnic groups thrive with their multitude of languages and unique cultures.

The Everest region or known locally as Khumbu region, is the most popular trekking region in Nepal. You will find Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, in this region. There are also many high Himalayans peaks of over 6 thousand meters or over dotting the landscape.

The region starts from the altitude of 2600 meters and the nearest motorable road is 7 days away. Volunteers will fly to Lukla, which is about 20 minutes by flight from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. From Lukla, volunteers will make their way on foot to the project site.

The Everest is home to Sherpas, who have lived for centuries attending cattle, farming vegetables or trading with Tibet and the low lands of Nepal. Today, with the arrival of tourists, Sherpas have seen their lives transformed.

Many of them now enjoy a steady stream of good income working as porters, guides, climbers and many have opened lodges, hotels and tea houses. But for those Sherpas who aren’t involved in tourism industry or whose houses aren’t in the tourist trail, including other ethnic groups who have migrated to Everest region, life is still a hard toil with very little hope for a better future.

Their children, their only hope for a better future, attend schools that aren’t well funded and many continue to have no motivation to continue their studies. With New Hope’s Nepal Himalayan program you can now experience such spectacular sceneries and also learn about the local Sherpa community. We encourage you to join this program.

You will not only observe this most beautiful part of the world but also gain a unique volunteer abroad experience.