Dear Parents,

We are grateful with the decision you have made to send your children to experience and better understand the world through volunteering abroad. We know that you might have gone through hundreds of questions while making the decision, as your children have to leave you and the country. We believe that this experience teaches your children life lessons and provides wonderful opportunities to help make the world a better place. While we are a new organization, we have mobilized more than 400 motivated and committed volunteers, mostly college students who were keen to learn, travel, explore, contribute, and make a difference in the lives of others in need. The following information will demonstrate how we are safe, meaningful and provide quality volunteer opportunities around the globe.

Volunteers’ safety is our main concern

Our projects are located in countries that are safe according to the US government. We have always considered safety as our foremost priority. Besides safety, we also ensure quality in the program through hospitable services. We always remain in touch with the parents and children so that we can stay updated on anything going on in the volunteering country. We make no compromises on safety and quality.

Project selection

Our projects have been researched by local partner as they know better where volunteers are most needed and safe. We work with recognized NGOs, schools and orphanages. None of our partner organizations are new as they have already hosted hundreds of volunteers and have been still associated with other international organizations too.

Staying with a Host Family

The best way to understand the culture of a country is by through living with a host family. While living at the host family, you eat together, laugh together and do homey activities together. Our host families treat the volunteers as family members and aloe them to participate in social events. Volunteers feel like this is a second home, where they are safe.

Project Support

Our project support staffers are highly qualified and experienced. They understand the needs of volunteers and care very professional way. They are responsible for being available to help volunteers 24/7. Our project support staffers look after the volunteers from the moment they are met at the airport, throughout their orientation to volunteering, and until they leave the nation.


Generally our volunteers are individual travelers. We place volunteers together in projects so that they do not feel alone and can have a companion with which to travel with on the weekends. We do not separate families or groups joining our program.

Contact us

Please contact us by email or telephone if you want to know more about our programs.
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