Our Model

To deliver our promise of most affordable and meaningful program, we have devised a unique model no other companies follow.

Our payment method

Under our system, you will pay your application fee of USD 259 directly to New Hope Volunteers and the rest of the weekly program fee in the host country when you arrive there.

We require application fee because we need the fund to operate our website, advertise for the program (you wouldn’t hear of us if we hadn’t advertised) and pay for administrative expenses like office space, computers and staff salaries. But our administrative expenses, because we are based in Nepal, is extremely low. The salaries of our staff, though respectable with local standard, are only small fractions of an average income in the West.

The Advantage of Paying Program Fee Directly Locally

By paying your program fee directly in the host country you will ensure that your program fee goes where it is most needed - to local projects and host families. New Hope will not touch the program fee, and you will see directly where your money is going.

Only New Hope Volunteers and our partner RCDP International follow this model.

We believe that through this method you will be happy to know that your program fee hasn’t been misused, and that the projects that work to benefit local communities benefit the most.

Most Affordable Program Fee

By working directly with local communities for their benefit, we also ensure that our program fees are the most affordable. We have also been able to offer you such low fee because our operational and administration costs are very low.

Our program fees are as low as USD 80 per week in some destinations. If you visit i-to-i or other companies, the fees reach as high as USD 500 per week.

Besides the fee, we have worked hard to ensure that our programs are as meaningful as what other companies offer. Except for insurance (our insurance cost only USD 3 per day) there isn’t anything we do not offer, both in terms of quality and quantity, that other companies provide with their programs.

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