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Teaching English in Xi’an

English is an important subject for the young children of Xi’an. The parents and teachers often put a lot of pressure on young children to improve their English, yet many fail to progress. The reason is quite simple. There isn’t an environment for them to improve. They don’t speak the language, even while being taught, and the even the teachers aren’t well trained to develop their student’s English. Volunteers will fill this void by helping the young children of Xi’an to get to grasp with English. You’ll talk with them as well as teach and help them build their confidence as well as improve their ability to grasp the language.

How Does This Project Make a Difference?

With volunteer’s participation, the children will practice speaking English as well as learn from the course book. You’ll be encouraged to hold debates and discussions as this will increase their ability to grasp the English better and also turn them into confident speakers. By improving their English, you’ll ensure many opportunities open for them; among them are securing seats in good university, and getting jobs in tourism industry as well as in other fields.

Highlights of the Program

Even though you’ll teach from official curriculum, you’ll also focus on conservational English. You’ll use simple English words and speak slowly. You may also teach the children songs and poems and use games and other interactive methods like debates and discussions that will make the program fun. If you aren’t confident enough, you can start by assisting the local teacher to learn about the local teaching methods and how teachers in China control their class. As you gain in confidence, you can take charge of the class.

As a volunteer teacher, you’ll work about 4-5 hours from Monday to Friday and need to use your own imagination and be resourceful. You must also be confident and not afraid to set into a challenging situation.


Xi’an contains many attractions and the city is often full of tourists. There are also many places to eat. The center of the city contains drum and bell tower, as well as city wall. The Grand Mosque is also another attraction; while just outside the city limits is located the magnificent Museum of Army of Terracotta Warrior. If you want to go away for a whole day, you can visit the panda research center in Qingling Mountains or travel to see the sheer beauty of Huashan National Park.

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