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Volunteer in Xi’an,China

Xi’an, China’s most affordable volunteer program
Pay as low as $18 per day to volunteer
Pay directly to the projects and host families in India
Help to raise fund for poor orphanages, school, and other NGOs
Xi’an is perhaps the best city to learn about China and the culture of the land. The city isn’t polluted and vast like China’s other urban centers - Beijing or Shanghai. Yet it is modern, bustling and well connected with road, train and air. But more than that, Xi’an is a city containing magnificent buildings, temples, museums and artifacts. From the Bell and Drum Tower and the City Wall that adorns to center of the city, to the Grand Mosque, the largest in China, to the city’s most famous attraction – the Museum of the Army of Terracotta Museum, Xi’an is an eclectic mix of ancient and modern, and where the majority Han Chinese live in perfect harmony with Muslim Hui community. In this fascinating city, our volunteers will work in projects that will help underprivileged Chinese and in the process learn about the culture while also enjoying the local sights and sounds.

 China-Xi'an Volunteer Program

Panda Conservation
Travel to Qingling Mountains, an hour away from Xi'an, and work in a research center that is trying to save pandas from extinction. You'll learn about the behaviors of these magnificent beasts and help local staff carry out their daily chores. View details
Teaching English
The young children in China are put under lot of pressure to improve their English. Yet, they find it hard to progress. Help them by conversing with them, teaching them basic rules and build their confidence. It's a fun project where the children will really take to you. View details
Work in Orphanage
The orphanages in China are well run but they're often overcrowded and not adequately staffed. Volunteer in the project and take care of children who really need your help. View details
Summer Camp
Participate in the summer camp and teach the children English and other subjects, while also making local friends and learning about Chinese culture. View details
Special Needs Children School
The school is trying to help children who need extra attention to study and progress. With your help, the school can treat the children better and overcome the disability to develop. View details

  Program Fee - Xi’an, China

New Hope Volunteer programs start on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.

In recent years, volunteering has become more of a business than charity. Many organizations in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand run volunteering programs solely for profit. Please check Travellers Quest volunteer abroad in China page for different organizations and their fees and you'll know for sure. But this is not the case with New Hope Volunteers. Our aim is to offer World’s Most Affordable volunteer program (without compromising the quality) so that all volunteers, irrespective of their income level, can volunteer to serve humanity and enrich their life. We hope to make the dreams of college students and budget travelers come true. In our program, except our registration fee of $269, which we need to advertise, cover office expense and pay salary, volunteers pay their money directly to the projects and host families (sometimes country coordinator will allocate this fee to project and host family, so if you have any question about allocation, please ask directly. This ensures that 100% of your money goes to the project.

In addition to our registration fee of $269, here you find the world’s most affordable weekly program fee, which includes room, food (3 times a day), project details and field support.

Program fee

Volunteer Period 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Month 5 Weeks 6 Weeks 7 Weeks 2 Months Additional Week

Regular program fee

N/A US$275 US$412.5 US$550 US$687.5 US$825 US$962.5 US$1,100 US$137.5
Program Fee for Panda Conservation N/A US$875 US$1175 US$1475 US$1775 US$2075 US$2375 US$2675 US$300
Additional cost:
* Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3 per day
* Airport receive and transfer fee: $75

The fee includes: Orientation, Food and accommodations (3 meals a day), Placement visits and services, Project support costs or donation, Certificate of performance/appreciation, 24/7 emergency support

The weekly Fee Does Not Include: airfare, daily transportation, visa and visa extension fee, airport drop, airport taxes, any personal expenses on food and travel, mineral water and soft drinks, gifts to project staffs and host family, laundry, telephone, immunization, liability and insurance


Depending on where you’ll work, volunteers will have 3 different types of accommodations. The Home Base is a place for volunteers to stay in a safe and secure place. Our resident chef will prepare 3 local meals a day and you’ll share your room with other volunteers. Some projects will have a hostel, where volunteers will stay with local staffs and eat their meals together. The third option is staying with a host family, where you’ll live with a Chinese family and enjoy their home cooked meals. If the meals are spicy, you can ask them to tone it down or you can even eat out sometimes. Staying with a host family will give you a wonderful opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and you will also miss home less. Our Xi’an coordinator will be in touch with you throughout the project and you’ll also have his mobile phone number. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any problem or inquiry.
New Hope Volunteers provides very affordable, safe, highly meaningful and flexible volunteer programs in 11 countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia. By enrolling, volunteers are able to immerse in local culture, work to empower and develop poor and needy and travel to fascinating destinations. It's a deeper and more meaningful way to travel.
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